The Ultimate Smite Tier List 2024 – A Comprehensive Guide to Gods Ranked


Immersing yourself in the fantastical realm of Smite can be an overwhelming experience, especially when faced with the monumental task of choosing a deity for battle. Fret not, as this in-depth guide is tailor-made to illuminate your path through the pantheon. In the dynamic world of Smite, your choice of gods is a critical factor influencing gameplay success. Developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios, Smite stands as a free-to-play action MOBA game, boasting an extensive lineup of legendary mythological figures. Join forces with a team of five to embark on a quest, vanquishing foes and thwarting evil to ascend the ranks of gameplay mastery.

Decoding the Smite Tier List

To seamlessly navigate the diverse selection of gods in Smite, let’s delve into the intricacies of the Smite Tier List. This invaluable resource meticulously categorizes over 100 gods into five primary classes: Assassins, Hunters, Warriors, Guardians, and Mages. Further, these gods are stratified into five distinct tiers, each reflective of their prowess within the current meta.

SS-Tier: The Apex of Ascendancy

At the zenith of power, the SS-Tier gods align seamlessly with the current meta, offering not just dominance but a swift route to leveling up. These divine entities not only prove formidable but redefine the very landscape of gameplay.

SS-Tier Gods

  • Odin (Warrior)
  • Arachne (Assassin)
  • Agni (Mage)
  • Yemoja (Guardian)
  • Kukulkan (Mage)
  • Tsukuyomi (Assassin)
  • Cthulhu (Guardian)
  • Set (Assassin)
  • King Arthur (Warrior)

S-Tier: Masters of Mystical Might

Directly beneath the SS-Tier, the S-Tier gods exhibit slightly less power but compensate with magical abilities and substantial strength. These gods stand as top-tier choices for players seeking a divine advantage.

S-Tier Gods

  • Thor (Assassin)
  • Jing Wei (Hunter)
  • Bakasura (Assassin)
  • Shiva (Warrior)
  • Freya (Mage)
  • Mulan (Warrior)
  • Athena (Guardian)
  • Hera (Mage)
  • Susano (Assassin)
  • Ah Puch (Mage)
  • Heimdallr (Hunter)

A-Tier: Tactical Maestros

For those aiming to refine their skills strategically, the A-Tier gods present an ideal choice. While not as overpowering as the top tiers, these gods provide a reliable pathway to leveling up when employed with tactical finesse.

A-Tier Gods

  • Hercules (Warrior)
  • Ares (Guardian)
  • Ishtar (Hunter)
  • Terra (Guardian)
  • Pele (Assassin)
  • Zeus (Mage)
  • Ganesha (Guardian)
  • Maui (Guardian)
  • Persephone (Mage)
  • Vamana (Warrior)
  • Ravana (Assassin)
  • Da Ji (Assassin)
  • Rama (Hunter)
  • Discordia (Mage)
  • Fenrir (Assassin)

B-Tier: Average Prowess

In the midst of the spectrum, the B-Tier gods possess sufficient skills to secure victories. While not extraordinary, these gods can contribute effectively to a team’s success.

B-Tier Gods

  • Achilles (Warrior)
  • Izanami (Hunter)
  • Lancelot (Assassin)
  • Bellona (Warrior)
  • Atlas (Guardian)
  • The Morrigan (Mage)
  • He Bo (Warrior)
  • Medusa (Hunter)
  • Chronos (Mage)
  • Khepri (Guardian)

C-Tier: Caution Advised

At the base of the tier list, the C-Tier gods showcase the weakest skills and abilities. It is advisable to steer clear of these gods if victory and progression in the game are your primary goals.

C-Tier Gods

  • Kali (Assassin)
  • Amaterasu (Warrior)
  • Charybdis (Hunter)
  • Bacchus (Guardian)
  • Hades (Mage)
  • Nu Wa (Mage)
  • Xing Tian (Guardian)
  • Artemis (Hunter)
  • Anubis (Mage)


Choosing the right god in Smite is a strategic decision that significantly impacts your gaming experience. Whether you seek dominance in the current meta or prefer a tactical approach, understanding the Smite Tier List is crucial. As the game evolves, so too will the tier list, so stay tuned for updates and continue to refine your divine skills on the battlegrounds of Smite. May the gods favor you in your quest for victory!


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