Ditipriya Roy: A Rising Star’s Journey Unveiled


Ditipriya Roy, a prominent Indian actress and model, was born on August 10, 2002, in the vibrant city of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Now, at the age of 22, as of 2024, she stands as a testament to youthful talent and perseverance. Ditipriya’s parents, Aloke Sankar Roy and Sudipta Roy, played a crucial role in shaping her journey. Embracing the values of Hinduism, she is a proud Gemini.

Her educational journey began at Patha Bhawan School and Gangapuri Siksha Sadan High School in Kolkata, where she laid the foundation for her academic pursuits. Moving forward, Ditipriya enrolled in Ashutosh College, Kolkata, for her graduation, balancing her academic commitments with her burgeoning career.

Ditipriya Roy’s Net Worth: A Glimpse into Success

In the realm of glamour and entertainment, finances often become a topic of fascination. As of 2024, Ditipriya Roy’s net worth stands at an impressive 86 lakh rupees. This accomplishment is a testament to her hard work and success in the entertainment industry. With a monthly income ranging from 2 to 5 lakh rupees, Ditipriya has carved a niche for herself as a thriving actress and model.

Ditipriya Roy
Ditipriya Roy

The Journey to Stardom

Ditipriya Roy’s journey into the world of acting commenced at a remarkably young age. Stepping into both Bengali film and television industries, she made her debut in 2015 with the popular Bengali film “Rajkahini,” where she portrayed the character Bunch. Her subsequent ventures included films like “Dev: I Love You” (2016), “Avijatrik” (2022), “Achena Uttam” (2022), “Mayamrigaya” (2022), “Kolkata Chalantika” (2022), and “Ay Kahuku Ay” (2022).

On the television front, Ditipriya’s journey began in 2008 with the Bengali serial “Durga” on Star Jalsha, where she started as a child actress. A noteworthy role in the Bengali serial “Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni” in 2015 marked her transition to lead roles, capturing the hearts of audiences on Zee Bangla.

Television Triumphs

Ditipriya’s television portfolio is not only diverse but also marked by critical acclaim. Her notable roles include “Tomay Amay Mile” (2013), “Byomkesh” (2014), and several others. The year 2021 witnessed her digital debut with the Hoichoi Presents web series “Rudrabinar Obhishaap,” where she portrayed the character Saaz. Following this success, Ditipriya continued her digital journey with the ZEE5 web series “Mukti” in 2022, earning accolades for her role as Minu.

Bollywood Debut and Beyond

In 2021, Ditipriya made a significant leap into Bollywood with a cameo role in the Hindi film “Bob Biswas.” This move expanded her horizons and showcased her versatility as an actress. Alongside her film and television commitments, she has also made a mark as a sought-after model, collaborating with esteemed fashion and beauty brands.

Recognition and Awards

Ditipriya Roy’s talent has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the numerous accolades she has received. In 2019, she clinched the Tele Academy Award for Best Actress and the Tele Cine Award for Best Actress. Her stellar performance earned her the prestigious Bochorer Sera Award in 2021, presented by the Governor of West Bengal, in an event organized by ABP Digital.

Personal Life: Unveiling the Enigma

Despite her soaring popularity, Ditipriya Roy remains tight-lipped about her personal life. As of now, she is unmarried, and details about her romantic life, including the identity of her boyfriend, if any, are not publicly disclosed.

Conclusion: Ditipriya Roy’s Ever-Growing Legacy

In conclusion, Ditipriya Roy stands as a beacon of talent and success in the Indian entertainment industry. From her early days as a child actress to becoming a celebrated figure in Bengali cinema and television, her journey is a source of inspiration for aspiring actors. As she continues to explore new avenues in digital platforms and Bollywood, Ditipriya’s star is only set to shine brighter. With an impressive net worth, a slew of awards, and a promising future, Ditipriya Roy is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of Indian entertainment.


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